The Valdez surname has several possible origin:

A patronymic surname meaning boy of Baldo (in the German bald, “brave”) Baldo is really a shortened type of Baltazar, among the three magi.

One that originated from Valdéz (tableland), converted literally as “in the valley.”

Valdez may be the 47th most typical Hispanic surname.

Surname Origin: Spanish

Alternate Surname Spellings: VALDES

Celebrities using the Surname VALDEZ

Jerónimo Valdés – Spanish general and governor of Cuba

– American actor

Where’s the VALDEZ Surname Most Typical?

Forebears, which utilizes various name lists (census records, telephone books, birth records, etc.) to find out surname distribution, claims that Valdez may be the 949th most typical surname on the planet, and it is at their peak in Mexico. Valdez ranks because the 35th most typical surname in tobago, 67th in Paraguay and 73rd in Mexico.

WorldNames PublicProfiler, which doesn’t appear to incorporate surname data from Mexico, signifies that utilisation of the Valdez surname is particularly frequent in Argentina, specifically in Argentine Northwest, Gran Chaco, Cuyo and Mesopotamia. Inside the U . s . States, Valdez is most typical in Boise State Broncos, Texas and Colorado.

Genealogy Sources for that Surname VALDEZ

50 Common Hispanic Surnames & Their Meanings

Garcia, Martinez, Rodriguez, Lopez, Hernandez… Are you currently among the huge numbers of people sporting one of these simple top 50 common Hispanic last names?

Valdez Family Crest – It Isn’t What You Believe

Unlike whatever you decide and hear, there’s no such factor like a Valdez family crest or coat of arms for that Valdez surname. Jackets of arms are granted to the people, not families, and could rightfully be utilized only through the uninterrupted male line descendants of the individual with whom the coat of arms was initially granted.


People with the Valdez surname are asked to participate this project to be able to interact to locate their common heritage through Paternity testing and discussing of knowledge.

VALDEZ Family Genealogy Forum

This free forum is centered on descendants of Valdez ancestors all over the world. Search the forum for posts regarding your Valdez ancestors, or join the forum and publish your personal queries.

FamilySearch – VALDEZ Genealogy

Explore over million is a result of digitized historic records and lineage-linked genealogy associated with the Valdez surname about this free website located through the Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints.

GeneaNet – Valdez Records

GeneaNet includes archival records, genealogy, along with other sources for people using the Valdez surname, having a focus on records and families from France along with other Countries in europe.

The Valdez Genealogy and Family Tree Page

Browse genealogy records and links to family history and genealogical and historic records for people using the Valdez surname in the website of Genealogy Today. Valdez Surname

Explore over 2.8 million digitized records and database records, including census records, passenger lists, military records, land deeds, probates, wills along with other records for that Valdez surname around the subscription-based website,

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