The most popular Sullivan surname means “hawk-eyed” or “little dark-eyed one,” produced from the Irish súildhubhán, from suil, meaning “eye” and dubh, meaning black.

Sullivan may be the 92nd most widely used surname within the U . s . States and also the third-most common surname in Ireland.

Surname Origin: Irish

Alternate Surname Spellings: O’SULLIVAN, OSULLIVAN

Celebrities using the SULLIVAN Surname

Arthur Sullivan – 1800s British conductor and composer

Louis Sullivan- broadly considered America’s first modern architect

Anne Sullivan – American teacher most widely known on her use Helen Keller

Erectile dysfunction Sullivan – American journalist, producer and television host most widely known for his effective variety program, The Erectile dysfunction Sullivan Show.

Where’s the SULLIVAN Surname Most Typical?

The Sullivan surname, based on surname distribution information from Forebears, is at their peak within the U . s . States, where it’s available in because the 81st most typical surname. There are other individuals named Sullivan in Ireland, however, according to number of population. It’s also not unusual around australia and Wales.

WorldNames PublicProfiler signifies the Sullivan surname is most densely concentrated within the The West region of eire (counties Cork and Kerry), adopted by Massachusetts and Nh within the U . s . States, Waimate and Westland Districts in Nz, and New Brunswick, Canada.

Genealogy Sources for that Surname Sullivan

100 Most Typical U.S. Surnames & Their Meanings: Cruz, Manley, Johnson, Johnson, Brown… Are you currently among the countless Americans sporting one of these simple best players common last names in the 2000 census?

Sullivan/O’Sullivan DNA Project: Greater than 400 people have became a member of this task for the Sullivan surname (and variants for example O’Sullivan) to operate together to locate their common heritage through Paternity testing and discussing of knowledge.

SULLIVAN Family Genealogy Forum: This free forum is centered on descendants of Sullivan ancestors all over the world. Search the forum for posts regarding your Sullivan ancestors, or join the forum and publish your personal queries.

FamilySearch – SULLIVAN Genealogy: Explore over 4.9 million is a result of digitized historic records and lineage-linked genealogy associated with the Sullivan surname about this free website located through the Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints.

SULLIVAN Surname Subscriber List: Free subscriber list for researchers from the Sullivan surname and it is variations includes subscription details along with a searchable archives of past messages.

GeneaNet – Sullivan Records: GeneaNet includes archival records, genealogy, along with other sources for people using the Sullivan surname, having a focus on records and families from France along with other Countries in europe.

The Sullivan Genealogy and Family Tree Page: Browse genealogy records and links to family history and genealogical and historic records for people using the Sullivan surname in the website of Genealogy Today. Sullivan Surname: Explore over 11 million digitized records and database records, including census records, passenger lists, military records, land deeds, probates, wills along with other records for that Sullivan surname around the subscription-based website,

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