The Shaw surname means thicket, small wood, or clearing within the trees in the Middle British s(c)hage, s(c)hawe (Old British sceaga). It’s also an British or Scottish topographic surname for somebody who resided near a copse or thicket.

Shaw might also have derived being an British type of the Gaelic surnames produced from the private name Sitheach, meaning “wolf,” or similar sounding Irish surnames for example O’Shea or Shee.

Surname Origin: British, Scottish

Alternate Surname Spellings: SHEACH

Celebrities using the SHAW Surname

George Bernard Shaw – Irish author and playwright

Artie Shaw – American songwriter, best referred to as a 1930’s and 1940’s jazz bandleader and clarinetist

Mike Shaw – American professional photographer most widely known for his legendary pictures of stars for example Lana Turner and Marlon Brando

Anna Howard Shaw – Born in England, Anna Howard Shaw was the very first female minister within the Methodist Protestant Church and incredibly active in women’s suffrage.

Robert Shaw – American conductor

Where’s the SHAW Surname Most Typical?

The Shaw surname, based on surname distribution information from Forebears, may be the 820th most typical surname on the planet. It’s at their peak today in India, but can be used through the finest percentage of people in countries for example England (rated 63rd), Nz (62nd), Scotland (91st), and Australia (93rd).

WorldNames PublicProfiler signifies the Shaw surname is particularly common within the Uk, found most often within the northern England parts of North West, East Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside. It’s also not unusual in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Within The United States, individuals named Shaw are located most generally in Maine and Quebec.

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